Common Yoga Myths

There are tons of myths about yoga and like with all myths – most of them are simply not true. Here are the most common ones and the reasons they are more fiction than fact:

Yoga is only for flexible people

You need to be flexible to try yoga, yes – but in your mind, not your body. The beauty about yoga in general and Forrest Yoga in particular is that it is inclusive. No matter how restricted you are (or think yourself to be) in your range of motion, you will be able to do yoga. Granted, maybe not a handstand in splits but even for that we will find an alternative that suits you and your personal requirements. Maybe you will be standing in horse stance with hip tractioning. Maybe you will be sitting cross-legged doing wrist-stretches. Maybe you will lay on your back consciously following your breath. Maybe you will find yourself in a handstand doing splits one day and don’t know what happened.

But even if that doesn’t happen, let this be your guidance:

If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Yoga is only for thin people

Yoga is for anybody and any body. Big, small, tall, short. The circumference of your thighs has explicitly nothing to do with your ability to do yoga. Yoga is also not at all a purely physical practice. Maybe you cannot stand in forearm balance (yet) but your ujjayi breathing is on point.

Let’s face it. What is going to be more helpful in your everyday life: Being able to take a really deep breath or being able to stand upside down?

Yoga is only for young people

Define “young”, then watch a video of Ana Forrest, then google her age (sorry, Ana, but this clearly proves my point I think). If that doesn’t convince you, here are some facts why yoga is also and especially beneficial for seniors:

It improves balance and thus stability, decreasing your risk of falls. Holding yoga poses for a few deep breaths also increases flexibility and strength. A heightened blood supply to your muscles can decrease the feeling of stiffness and relieve pain. Yoga can improve your range of motion, helping you to stay mobile and confident. Deep breathing increases lung capacity, bringing more oxygen to your brain which has a whole amount of different health benefits [LINK ZUM ARTIKEL ÜBER ATMUNG]. A Harvard study even looked into whether yoga may actually increase bone density. This is true for everyone, you may now say. That’s absolutely correct. It is true for younger folks but also for older persons.

HERE you can find multiple YouTube videos for seniors.

Why haven’t you tried it yet, you may now ask yourself? Well, now may be the perfect time to start. Click here and book yourself a class to get going.

Yoga is only for women

I have actually written a whole article about why men should definitely give yoga a try [LINK ZUM ARTIKEL] (hint: There are SO many reasons.).

Yoga is only for rich people

Wrong. Yoga is for everyone. There are tons of free yoga videos on YouTube that allow you to find your preferred style and instructor and you need zero props to get started. Yes, having a yoga mat is great, as is some sort of active wear. BUT in many yoga styles you can do with a bath towel, practicing in your underwear. Or your pj’s if you’re comfortable.

If you would like to practise with me but are having a hard time financially right now, contact me and let’s discuss a way that works for you.

Yoga is boring

This always makes me chuckle because this usually comes from people who have either never tried yoga for themselves or went to a class once, didn’t like it (the style of yoga, the teacher, the atmosphere – it could be anything) and given up.

Let me show you that it’s not: Click here to find my classes and be prepared to get excited.