Raspberry chia pudding.

  A few years ago, chia pudding was all the rage. It was the standard vegan dessert everywhere. Only, it usually tasted rather bland. That’s when I started to give it a try myself and after only a few feeble attempts, I came up with a sensationally scrumptious recipe that only requires a handful of […]

Pumpkin soup.

  Gibt es eine gemütlichere Mahlzeit als eine dicke Suppe? Ich glaube nicht. Diese Kürbissuppe wird dich in einer großen, warmen, orangefarbenen Umarmung einwickeln. Sie ist super einfach und ach-so-lecker. Der Herbstregen wird sich nicht mehr ganz so nass anfühlen und der Winter wird sich nicht mehr ganz so kalt anfühlen mit dieser Suppe in deinem Repertoire.

Sourdough bread starter.

  I’d always wanted to be the cool friend who brings home-baked sourdough bread as a gift when she is invited to a friend. I’d also been convinced that baking bread from scratch was a science I could definitely not master. I was properly intimidated. On top of that, whenever I looked for tutorials online, […]

Nutty granola.

Granola in a jar and on a ladle presented on a wooden board with a red napkin on the side.

  Makes approx. two baking trays of the most scrumptious granola.

No-chocolate chocolate smoothie.

No-choc chocolate smoothie topped with roasted buckwheat and fresh raspberries

NO-CHOC CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE A breakfast that tastes like ice cream but is actually healthy? No way! A breakfast that tastes like ice cream but is actually healthy? Is that even possible?! It very much is and I’ll show you how.This smoothie tastes like the best chocolate ice-cream shake you’ve ever had. If you’ve never had […]