More Classes & Workshops.

Click here to find my April teaching schedule at bYoga.

Click here to find my March teaching schedule at bYoga.

Click here to find my February teaching schedule at bYoga.

As part of our Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program we will be offering FREE Forrest Yoga classes at bYoga on 20 and 21 January.

December | Weekly Forrest Yoga Classes

To set you up right for advent and have you sparkling by the time Christmas comes around, join us for our Monday morning Forrest Yoga class.

November | Weekly Forrest Yoga classes

Our weekly classes continue to run Mondays from 7-8 am.

EXCEPTION: Wednesday, 2 November

October | Weekly Forrest Yoga Classes

October comes with regular morning classes: Every Monday from 7-8 am.

Start your week with something more uplifting than a Zoom meeting.

September | More Forrest Yoga Beginner Classes

In September you will have three more chances to practise with me – before you’ve even checked your email.

August | Forrest Yoga for Curious Early Risers

On 23 & 30 August I will be teaching two pre-work 1-hour Forrest Yoga classes for beginners at ape academy.

Custom Workshops

Would like to surprise your best managers at their next intensive training weekend with the very special treat of a Forrest Yoga ceremony? Are you looking for a fun addition to your upcoming team-building event? Do you have an immersion workshop for your highest-performing employees in mind?

Contact me and let’s talk about how to turn your ideas into a worthwhile and memorable workshop.

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