Forrest Yoga? Is that with trees?

No, not quite.

Forrest Yoga is a modern, exciting and courageous style of yoga created by Ana Forrest (there we go) after she had studied different yoga styles for many years that had helped her overcome her own traumas and struggles*. Taking inspiration from classic yoga schools like Iyengar and Hatha, Ana designed a practice that addresses the actual requirements of people living in the 21st century. People like you and me who probably sit too much, often work in desk-jobs, don’t get enough exercise and constantly have a million thoughts racing through their minds.

Being a contemporary yoga style, it is continually being updated and improved to adapt to the fast-paced evolution of our lifestyle.

By learning to breathe more deeply during the physically – and at times emotionally – intense practice, students will not only strengthen their body but also re-establish a connection with their spirit. With the exception of sun salutations, each posture is held for multiple breaths. This helps us in actually finding our way into the pose, getting comfortable and finally playing with it, adjusting it to our needs and exploring it. The deep breathing oxygenates and thereby softens our muscles and supports us in creating the stamina that will help us through the practice.

Forrest Yoga aspires to be inclusive and accessible. Therefore, there will always be a way to access each posture that fits your physical abilities and emotional requirements.

Those students striving for more than just a physically challenging workout, are always invited to delve deeper and turn the workOUT into a workIN. To curiously explore their emotional landscape and learn how to release old-engrained teachings that don’t serve them anymore. To focus their awareness on what limits them and (re)discover what it is that truly sets their soul on fire. To live a more authentic life – on and off the mat.

You are always able to choose what works for you today and what does not and often a posture that you first thought was a mere chore and not enjoyable at all will turn into your new favourite one. Or you will find yourself in an asana you never imagined yourself capable of ever doing. 



Forrest Yoga.

*More recently, Ana’s partner Jose Calarco has been enriching Forrest Yoga with music inspired by Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders as well as their ceremonial and healing techniques.

“I learned that I could be both wild and holy. “
...Ana Forrest...

Who should do Forrest Yoga?

If you think yoga is not for you – try Forrest Yoga.

If you think you’re not flexible enough for yoga – try Forrest Yoga.

If you think you don’t have time to do yoga – try Forrest Yoga.

If you think you’re too old for yoga – try Forrest Yoga.

If you think you’re too fat for yoga – try Forrest Yoga.

If you have had an unpleasant experience with yoga – try Forrest Yoga.

If you think yoga is boring – try Forrest Yoga.

Seriously, try it. 

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