Why Meditation is good for you

I like Forrest Yoga because we don’t do mediation. Well, that’s not exactly true. We actually do but in ways you may not identify as such: At the beginning, we find stillness, concentrate on our breath and set an intent for the practice ahead. Now, if that’s not meditating, I don’t know what is. It only lasts for a couple of minutes though, so it may not fit the idea you have of mediation, i.e. sitting still for a long period of time, thinking of nothing.

During our practice, we will regularly return to our breath, using it as an anchor in challenging asanas.

At the end, we find stillness and relaxation in Savasana.


Just with yoga, I am perfectly convinced that there is a meditation style for everyone, and just with yoga, there is a broad spectrum of different meditation styles available. If you think that meditation is not for you, you may want to think again after you’ve learned about the following benefits of meditation:

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