Why Meditation is good for you

Why Meditation is good for you I like Forrest Yoga because we don’t do mediation. Well, that’s not exactly true. We actually do but in ways you may not identify as such: At the beginning, we find stillness, concentrate on our breath and set an intent for the practice ahead. Now, if that’s not meditating, […]

The Basic Moves of Forrest Yoga

The Basic Moves of Forrest Yoga During a Forrest Yoga class you will regularly hear the teacher refer to the following eight movements: Active hands, active feet, ujjayi breath, telescope ribs, expand ribs, tuck tailbone, wrap shoulders, relax neck. These basic moves of Forrest Yoga can be viewed as the foundation of each pose. They […]

The Importance of the Breath

The Importance of the Breath. Our breath. It is literally the Alpha and Omega of our life: When we are born we take our first breath and our last breath is synonymous with us dying. Standard respiration is a basic requirement of us staying alive: When we breathe in and fresh air fills our lungs, […]

Common Yoga Myths

Common Yoga Myths There are tons of myths about yoga and like with all myths – most of them are simply not true. Here are the most common ones and the reasons they are more fiction than fact: Yoga is only for flexible people You need to be flexible to try yoga, yes – but […]