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My February schedule at bYoga

February | My classes at bYoga In February, I will be teaching the following 90-minute-classes at bYoga (all intermediate level – all levels are welcome): Friday, 3 February                5 pm Saturday, 4 February         10 am Sunday, 5 February              6 pm Sunday, 12 February            6 pm […]

GRATIS Community Classes | Jänner 2023 bYoga


January | FREE Forrest Yoga Classes As part of our Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program we will be offering FREE Forrest Yoga classes at bYoga on 20 and 21 January. Your teachers will be fully qualified, undergoing a special programme to enhance their teaching skills. Level: Intermediate (but all levels are welcome) Friday, 20 January   […]

Schnupperkurse | Jänner 2023 ape academy

January | Intro to Forrest Yoga Classes 2023 will start with two amazing opportunities for you to get a first feeling of what Forrest Yoga is all about – for FREE! On 14 and 28 January, I will be taking you through immersive 90-minute intro classes at ape academy. These intro classes are perfect for […]

Workshop | Dezember 2022 ape academy

December | Forrest Yoga Classes December has me rocking three more classes for you to provide you with enough power to make it through advent all the way to Christmas. My Monday morning classes will be specially designed to help you tap into your dormant resources and give you that extra pre-Christmas sparkle. As always, […]

Workshop | November 2022 ape academy

November | Forrest Yoga Classes My morning classes will continue in November. Every Monday at 7 am I will be teaching an invigorating 60-minute-class to set you up for the week ahead. There is even an extra class on Wednesday, 2 November. All levels welcome! Just pack your mat, a large towel and a water bottle […]

Interview | Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl | bYoga

Interview | Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl of bYoga Photo: Mountain Yoga Festival St. Anton For the very first installment of this series I was blessed to interview the person I had my very first yoga class with, who led my teacher training and who has become my mentor: Alexandra Sagorz-Zimmerl, the owner and soul of the Forrest […]

Workshop | October 2022 ape academy

October | Forrest Yoga Beginner Classes For October I have a special offer for you: I will be teaching four Monday morning beginner level classes. Yay! If you decide to book all four, you will even receive a small discount. so pack your mat, a large towel and a water bottle and meet me at […]

Workshop | September 2022 ape academy

September | More Forrest Yoga Beginner Classes In September you will have three more chances to practise with me – before you’ve even checked your email. All classes will be beginner level and give you a solid idea of how Forrest Yoga feels like (hint: pretty awesome). Pack your mat, a large towel and a […]

Workshop | August 2022 ape academy

23 & 30 August – Forrest Yoga for Curious Early Risers​ (Beginners) On 23 & 30 August I will be teaching two pre-work 1-hour Forrest Yoga classes for beginners at ape academy. Pack your mat, a large towel and a water bottle and meet me at this fantastic location for a very special start into […]