Raspberry chia pudding.

  A few years ago, chia pudding was all the rage. It was the standard vegan dessert everywhere. Only, it usually tasted rather bland. That’s when I started to give it a try myself and after only a few feeble attempts, I came up with a sensationally scrumptious recipe that only requires a handful of […]

Nutty granola.

Granola in a jar and on a ladle presented on a wooden board with a red napkin on the side.

  Makes approx. two baking trays of the most scrumptious granola.

No-chocolate chocolate smoothie.

No-choc chocolate smoothie topped with roasted buckwheat and fresh raspberries

NO-CHOC CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE A breakfast that tastes like ice cream but is actually healthy? No way! A breakfast that tastes like ice cream but is actually healthy? Is that even possible?! It very much is and I’ll show you how.This smoothie tastes like the best chocolate ice-cream shake you’ve ever had. If you’ve never had […]

Ginger-turmeric shot.

Turmeric-ginger shot in a glass dusted with rosehip powder

  Especially during the colder months when a wide range of (garden) fresh fruit and vegetables are not so readily available we want to take extra care of our immune system. Our regular yoga practice is already a great way of supporting our overall wellbeing. Additionally, we can also promote our health by continuing to […]